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So, I’ve been writing letters to loved ones as if it were my last day on earth and in a form of journal entries as therapy to express my unhappy emotions. These letters have become so personalized, honest and oh my goodness! WOW of emotional. Like teary eyed emotional. It became the inspiration to writing poetry again.

How to do I tell you, “I LIKE YOU”

nothing but silly hopeless flow of thoughts,

meaningless words,

words composed in a poem, written

straight from the bottom of my heart;

How do I tell you, “I LIKE YOU”

these words as FRAGILE as glass,

from the mysterious,

girl I am known to be,

only “SUPER MAN” can see,

through my invisibility;

a force field between you and me,

How do I tell you,” I LIKE YOU” ?…

its a honest mistake,

a truth I can no longer FAKE,

kept from the inside,

my feelings too complicated to hide;

I am afraid of what you’d say,

will you stay or walk away?


so difficult to confess,

Like a bitter sweet pill that takes time for you

to process;

I don’t know what else to say,

maybe its easier for me to just

…….walk away.

by adramis ©09012012

**SUPER MAN © has XRay vision, right? that’s why he can SEE THROUGH my invisibility.

**this poem was influenced by my fave. artists- Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift? and of course, the woman who has no fear to express her feelings, “ADELE”. Also, bits of inspirations by Green day, NKOTB, BSB, A*teens cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley.

YEAH. YEAH. I know. one word: LAME!! haha! LOL. only I would critique myself as BLAH! get a life! same ‘ol story BORING!! but truthfully, this is my most heartfelt deeper than honest to God piece I’ve ever written. And its been long while, specifically since 2009 around this time in September.

anyways, that’s all for now! till next time! PEACE!